It’s Almost RACEDAY! (Important Competitor Info)

Let’s try this again for opening night! This Saturday marks the beginning of the 32nd season of competition at Southern Illinois Raceway and there’s no pandemic slowing us down this year!

We open the year celebrating one of founders, Rob Landes, who recently passed away. Rob meant so much to this track as he was one of the handful that put their money, time and energy on the line to see this facility come to fruition. they built something so spectacular that we want to honor Rob for being a part of that and leading the organization for it’s first 10 years!

On the competition side of the aisle, please make sure you have your Driver Profile complete by filling it out here. If you plan to race for points, they also begin this weekend. Your points don’t start accruing until your membership is paid AND your membership form filled out here.

As you may be aware, the Sportsman division has been opened so that you may compete in other division on any given night as well. Please note, we cannot wait for you as you try to run back to back classes. Your time given will be the 2 parade laps as stated in the General Rules under General Race Procedures Section 2. PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF THIS. Enter classes accordingly.

Also, please be aware of your class rules. All classes are subject to technical inspection at ANY TIME without warning.

Are you ready?!?

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