General Track Rules

Southern Illinois Raceway

2021 Track Rules


  1. All car owners, drivers and crew members must purchase a pit pass and sign the register at the pit entrance gate before each racing program. Drivers are responsible for the proper registration and conduct of their crew.
  2. Pit Passes must be worn visible throughout all racing programs until the event is officially over.  Anyone found in the pit area without a pass will be removed and subject to a permanent ban.
  3. General admission for all weekly events will be $10 for 13 and up, $5 for 6-12, free for 5 and under.
  4. Pit Pass fees for weekly shows:
    1. Adult non-driver pit pass:  $30
    2. Child pit pass (12 and under):  $10
    3. Car and driver $35
    4. Additional car entry $35
  5. No dogs are allowed in the grandstand area
  6. Typical Rainout Procedures
    1. If rainout occurs prior to hotlaps:
      1. Track is not obligated to make up the event, but may do so at the Board’s discretion.
      2. Drivers and Pit members – All money will be given back.
      3. Grandstands – All money will be given back.
  7. If rainout occurs after hotlaps have started and prior to completing all heat races:
    1. Track is not obligated to make up the event, but may do so at the Board’s discretion.
    2. Drivers and Pit members – May receive money back or take a raincheck*.  If raincheck is chosen, person MUST turn in pitpass to receive raincheck and must be redeemed within racing season (not including special events).
    3. Grandstands – May receive money back or a free pass* for a future race.
  8. If rainout occurs after heat races are complete:
    1. Track will make up the rest of the program by adding on to another scheduled show as soon as possible.
    2. Driver and Pit members – No money is given back, no rainchecks allowed.
    3. Grandstands – No money back, no rainchecks allowed.
  1. *Rainchecks and free passes may not be redeemed during special events.
  2. Returned Check Procedure
    1. $25 fee plus cost of check paid by cashier’s check or cash will be required for a returned check.
    2. The individual may only pay cash in the future. 
    3. Individual may not race or be in pits until check is repaid. 
    4. A notice in the pit shack to not accept any more checks from these individuals.  


  1. Anyone entering the pits MUST have a pit pass. There will be no pulling trailers into the pits, then coming to get pit passes. You must buy pit passes at the gate before entering.
  2. Improper Language or Conduct
    1. No person will use improper language or gestures to a Race Official, Board Member, or Track Staff
    2. No person shall strike or cause bodily harm to any person at the track.
    3. No person shall physically or verbally threaten any Race Official, Board Member, or Track Staff
    4. No competitor or member of his pit crew or fan is to approach the Flagman or Scorer during any race event regarding scoring of the event.  Doing so will result in a two race suspension.
    5. Guns or other weapons will not be allowed on any person at the track or at any organization activity.  Anyone found guilty of threatening a person with a weapon will be suspended for 1 full calendar year from the date of the infraction. Conceal carry permits allowed.
    6. All decisions at the race track will be left to the discretion of the Board of Directors.
    7. Any infraction may result in a ban from the track for the driver, crew member, or fan
  3. If a competitor or crew approaches another competitors pit and an altercation occurs, the instigator (person approaching another’s pit) will be suspended for 2 race nights.
  4. Physical  Condition of Driver:
    1. No competitor will be allowed to compete if it is evident that he shows signs of exhaustion, intoxication or other potential physical incapacities which make him a threat to the well-being of himself or his fellow competitors.  The Director of Competition may rule that a driver is not able to participate.
  5. Intoxicants or Drugs
    1. No Owner, Driver, or Pit Crew Person shall be found to be under the influence of intoxicants or drugs while on the race course or in the pit area. 
    2. No liquor or drugs will be used while in the pit area before or during a race program. 
    3. Anyone found guilty of these infractions will be removed from the designated area.
  6. The Board of Directors shall, if requested, interpret any procedure or rule herein. Questions concerning the meaning of these rules shall be directed to the Board of Directors at the end of the racing program.
  7. The Board of Directors will determine track preparations. Anyone complaining about track preparation may be disqualified for the night’s event.
  8. Anyone serving a suspension will not be allowed to participate or serve in any capacity at the facility.

General Race Procedures

  1. All drivers must attend the drivers meeting held before each weekly event. The purpose of the drivers meeting is to explain the race procedures for that night’s events, flag signals and so on.
  2. Cars will assemble in the staging area in race ready order. Any late car arriving after the field has entered the track and been aligned in race order, will have only two (2) laps to enter the track and tag rear of field. No cars will be allowed to enter the track once the yellow light is out. After one completed/scored lap, late cars will be given a DNS.
  3.  In the event a car drops out after entering the racetrack, cars in the same line (inside or outside) as the one that dropped will move straight forward.
  4. Qualifying:  Positions will be determined by the luck of the draw taking place before hot laps.  Drivers of cars arriving late at the track will not take part in the draw and will automatically start last with no passing points.
  5. Method of Starting:  All races will be started with the flying start.  The green flag will signal the start of the race.  When the winner of the race has received the checkered flag, the black flag will be displayed for clearing the track.  Original starts will be between turns three (3) and four (4). All cars will be side by side and nose to tail.
  6. Spins or tangles occurring in the first lap in any event will call for a new start. Cars dead on the track will restart at the rear of the field in the order they were running.
  7. Restarts will be single file, nose to tail. There will be no passing before reaching the cone in turn 4.

K.  Stopping on the Course

  1. A car that stops on the track for any reason after the green flag will be placed at the rear of the field.
    1. Any car involved in 3 cautions will be eliminated from the remainder of the race.   When this rule is in effect and in case of a spin and/or stop, only one assisted restart per race, per car will be permitted.  Additional restarts will be at the flagman’s discretion.
  2. 360 Spins: 360 spins are not allowed and will not be tolerated.  If a 360 spin occurs, the yellow flag will come out and the offender will be sent to the rear of the field.
  3. If a car enters the infield appearing to be “parked” during a caution, it may reenter the track as long as a green flag has not yet flown.  If a green flag has flown, the car may not reenter the race.   
  4. Rough Driving:
    1. 1st Offense – Driver will go to the rear of the field
    2. 2nd Offense – Driver will be disqualified, receive no points and no pay.
  5. Slide Jobs:  Must clear the driver you are attempting to pass!
  6. Retaliation:  During a yellow or after the event, you will be disqualified, receive no points and no pay and possible suspension from the track.
  7. Restarts
    1. Upon a single file restart, cars shall be positioned in the proper order by the Director of Competition and Head Scorer.  Any car failing to follow the proper positioning of cars, deliberately forbidding a competitor the proper starting position or deliberately delaying  the restart of a race event for 2 laps will be moved to the last running position if then they don’t move to the rear, they will be disqualified from that event. 
    2. The Leader sets the pace for a restart.  All starts and re-starts begin coming out of turn 4.  On re-starts, no competitor may pass until they pass the cone in turn 4.  If a drivers passes before the cone or hits the cone, the yellow flag will displayed and the offender will re-start with a penalty of two positions.
    3. In the event of a yellow/red flag, scorers will refer to the last completed lap in which all cars crossed the start/finish line under the green flag.
    4. In the event of a red flag, all cars will stop as soon and as safely as possible in the area designated by the director of competition.  When the track has been cleared, cars will resume racing according to the last completed lap in which all cars crossed the start/finish line under the green flag.
  8. If a driver and car park in the infield for any reason, the driver is to remain with the car unless in need of medical assistance.
  9. Scratching:  If you are scratching from any race during the night, inform a track official with a radio in order to relay this message to the tower ASAP.
  10. DNS:  Any car not taking the initial green flag of the event will be given a DNS.  In the feature event, the driver will not be eligible for points or pay unless the driver took the green flag of the feature event. 


  1. In the event the first row fails to properly address the starting line after two attempts, the front row then goes to second row and second row goes to front row. 
  2. In the event that starting positions 3 through the end of the tail jump the start, they will go back one row and the car behind moves forward one row.  If a driver jumps the start a second time, they will be sent to the tail.
  4. Cars not started by the completion of the parade lap shall be immediately moved to the infield.
  5. The start will be official only upon the Head Flagman signaling with the green flag.
  6. The lead pole car will set the pace, which shall be constant pace, in accordance with track conditions and as required to keep the field in formation.


  1. A race will be considered complete when the checkered flag has been displayed or whenever the scheduled distance is finished.  All feature races must be completed by a green, white and checkered flag unless the discretion of the Promoter states otherwise.
  2. A feature event will be incomplete if less that 50% of the event has been run or if cancelled by the Promoter.
  3. Races which are completed on subsequent dates will complete the unfinished portion of the scheduled distance.
  4. The white flag will be displayed to the leader as he begins his last lap, and will continue to be displayed to each successive car during that lap of the race, thus indicating one more lap to be run.
  5. The checkered flag will be displayed to the Leader as he completes his last lap, and to each successive car until all cars running have been signaled that the race has been completed.
  6.  Finish positions will be determined in the order by which the cars complete the scheduled distance of the race. The end of a race will be official when the lead car receives the Checkered Flag, regardless of how many laps the following cars have completed. Spins or tangles by remaining cars after the Checkered Flag falls and able to finish the race will hold their positions and be scored in the order they cross the start/finish line. Cars un-able to restart will be scored by number of laps completed.
  7. If a race is stopped by use of the red flag and is ruled complete by virtue of more than 50% of the race event having been run, the finishing positions will be paid according to the last official scored lap by the Leader, previous to the red flag being displayed.  Any cars involved in the accident which resulted in the red flag being displayed will be scored at the rear of the field.


  1. All full race programs shall be run in the following order:
    1. Pill Draw in lieu of qualifying to determine line up (No Qualifying)
    2. Heats
    3. Dash (Optional)
    4. B Main (Optional)
    5. Feature
  1. The amount of laps ran shall be set and maintained as follows:
  1. If $500 to win (16+ cars)
    1. Heats = 10 laps
    2. Dash = 6 laps (Class specials only)
    3. Feature = 25 laps for wing & non-wing
    4. Feature = 20 laps for all other classes
  2. If $300 to win (11-15 cars)
    1. Heats =  10 laps
    2. Dash= 6 laps (Class specials only)
    3. Feature = 25 laps for wing & non-wing
    4. Feature = 20 laps for all other classes
  3. If $125 to win (6-10 cars)
    1. Heats = 10 laps
    2. Feature = 20 laps
    3. Jr and Restritor = 15 lap feature.
  4. If 5 cars or less
    1. Heats = 8 laps
    2. 12 lap feature for Jr. and Restrictor
    3. 15 lap feature for all other classes
  1. Starting Lineups
    1. Heats
  1. All drivers will participate in a random pill draw upon registering for the night’s race.
    1. Heat race starting positions will be determined based upon pill drawn.
    2. Heat races will start no more than 10 cars, but typically no more than 8 cars per heat.
  2. Dash
    1. Dashes will only be run for premier events and class specials.  For a class special to include a dash, a minimum of 10 cars will be signed in.
  3. Passing points will be awarded based upon heat races.
    1. If a driver advanced from original starting position, 5 points per car passed from original starting position to finishing position will be awarded.  If a driver falls back from original starting position, 1.5 points per position lost from original starting position to finishing position will be deducted.
    2. If a competitor scratches does not take the initial green flag, the field will not be adjusted and passing points will be given based off original heat race line up.
    3. If a driver chooses to start in the rear, passing points will be awarded from the original scheduled starting position.
    4. If a driver signs in after pill draw has closed, the driver will receive finishing points for their heat race, but will not earn passing points.
    5. Points will be assigned as follows for heat finishes
Finish 12345678910
1100105110115120125130135        140145
  • The top 6 in passing points will start the dash based off of passing points
  1. Feature
    1. If dash is ran:
      1. Dash winner will be given lane choice for feature
      2. Positions 2-6 determined by dash finish
      3. If 24 cars or less, positions 7-24 determined by heat race passing points
      4. If more than 24 cars, positions 7-18 will lock into a main by passing points
        1. Remainder of cars will fall into B main and line up by passing points.
        2. Top 6 from B will lock into A main based off finish.
    2. If no dash is ran:
      1. 24 cars or less: Feature lineup will be determined based upon passing points as described above.
      2. If more than 24 cars, positions 1-18 will lock into a main by passing points
        1. Remainder of cars will fall into B main and line up by passing points.
        2. Top 6 from B will lock into A main based off finish


  1. Yearly Points Championship
    1. a.       Points are given in the feature race only as follows based upon finishing position: 
1st200 6th150 11th100 16th50
2nd190 7th140 12th90 17th40
3rd180 8th130 13th80 18th30
4th170 9th120 14th70 19th20
5th160 10th110 15th60 20th10
  • You must be a member of the club to participate in the points fund.
    • Your points will start on the date you become a member.  Any points before that time will not be counted. 
    • Bonus Points (These will count towards season Championship): 
      • Highbanks Hustle – 100 bonus points in Wing Outlaw for entry 
      • Terry Sprague Memorial – 100 bonus points in Non Wing Outlaw for entry
      • POWRi – 100 SIR bonus points in Wing Outlaw for POWRi entry.
    • Points Championships will be determined by a series of 10 races set before the seaon begins. The best 8 of those 10 will count towards a driver’s championship points.
      • Tiebreaker:  In the event of tie for first place following the final points race, there will be a 5 lap shootout between the tied cars. 
      • Will take place following the completion of the feature race.  Prior to the shootout, fueling is allowed, but no other adjustments. 
    • Highest finisher that night gets lane choice.
    • Finishing order of the shootout will determine finishing order for points chase.
  1. Payouts for feature races for weekly racing is as follows based upon number of entries per class:
    1. Weekly Feature Race Payouts: 
Pos.1-5 Cars6-10 Cars11-15 Cars16+ Cars
5 $45$50$75
6 $40$45$50
7 $35$40$45
8 $20$35$40
9 $20$30$35
10  $25$30
11  $20$25
12  $20$20
13-24  $20$20


  1. All cars must pass a technical inspection by the Director of Competition before being allowed to race.
  2. Cars will be required to weigh at the scale based on the following protocol:
    1. All classes will weigh as follows:
      1. Top 3 finishers from the heats
      2. Top 3 finishers in the feature
  3. If a car fails to report directly to the scale to weigh after exiting the track, the driver will be disqualified for that race. 
  4. All classes subject to random tech at Director of Competition’s discretion
    1. The only persons allowed in tech area are the driver of the car and one (1) crew member of that car
  5. Restrictor plates will be complete random tech
  6. All other classes are subject to random tech
  7. All drivers are required to wear a raceceiver and all safety gear each time they are on the track. Those not going to told position after being told twice on the radio and by flagmen will not be scored further.
    1.  If a working raceceiver is not worn, driver will be disqualified (including no points and no pay and parked for that race until the driver proves wearing a working raceceiver.  If a working raceceiver is not worn in staging, driver will not be allowed on the track until a working raceceiver is worn. 
  8. If a driver has been DQ’d or refused tech in the past, the driver is subject to pre-race tech before being allowed to race the next time until deemed legal again.
  9. If a driver has been disqualified or refuses technical inspection on a given night, they will automatically forfeit earnings that night and all points earned in that class from the beginning of the current season through that night. If the competitor is deemed legal prior to the next race they may start re-accruing points at that race starting from 0. Notable Exception: If a driver is racing the same car in multiple classes and is found illegal or refuses technical inspection they forfeit points in both classes up to that point.
  10. If a driver is found illegal or refuses technical inspection a second time in the same racing season the driver and car owner will be suspended from all racing action for a period of 2 actual race nights. If the same occurs a third time the driver and owner will be suspended from all racing action for a calendar 12 months from the date found illegal or refusal of technical inspection. Technical inspection refusals and being disqualified will both count towards the number offences. Ex – A driver refuses tech one week and then is found illegal 3 weeks later, they would be suspended for 2 weeks. A driver or owner suspended from racing action due to this line item will still be allowed on the grounds at Southern Illinois Raceway during their suspension; however, they are not allowed to enter the night’s competition.
  11. If a driver or car owner is asked to go to the technical inspection barn for inspection after the races have completed they have one chance to agree to have their car inspected. If they refuse once to either the technical inspector, the director of competition, or any of the board members they will be disqualified immediately, be subject to punishments as outlined in the Southern Illinois Raceway rules, and not be allowed to have their technical inspection completed even if they change their mind.
  12. Technical Inspection will occur AFTER the LAST RACE of the night.


  1. All cars must present a neat appearance to the Promoter and the crowd.
  2. Pit crews must be in a presentable condition.
  3. Transponders are required in order to be scored and must be placed in the appropriate place on your car for the class you are racing in. (See class rules for specifications)
  4. Each car will be required to have a number prominently displayed on the nose and each side of the tail.  Duplicate numbers at any track may require the alteration of the number by adding a number or letter to the car that can be clearly viewed from the scoring tower.
    1. Cars entered in the non-wing class are required to display a 10” X 7.25” rectangular white plate with black car number with no less than 6 inch letters/numbers OR body graphics that simulates black numbers (with letters) and white background with same requirements as a number plate (Same size, background, no fancy fonts in place of current number plate)
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