Wing & Non Wing Outlaw


  1. All drivers must be at least 12 years of age in calendar year 2023.
  2. 640cc MAX displacement
  3. All motors must start out as production 636cc or less four cylinder four stroke engines.  Modifications may be made after that point up to 640CC.  All cars must have a noise eliminating exhaust.  Motors originally manufactured with more than 636 cc will be illegal.  CC casting number must be visible on the engine to verify size.
  4. Wing Outlaw must weigh a minimum of 775lbs with driver.
  5. Non-Wing Outlaw must weigh a minimum of 750lbs with the Driver.
  6. Any material used for adding weight to the car must be firmly attached.
  7. Alcohol or racing fuel may be used. NO ADDITIVES ALLOWED. This only applies to performance enhancers, is not meant to exclude top end lubricants. Random fuel checks may be conducted at the conclusion of any event.
  8. Cars entered in the non-wing class are required to display a 10” X 7.25” rectangular white plate with black car number with no less than 6 inch letters/numbers OR body graphics that simulates black numbers (with letters) and white background with same requirements as a number plate (Same size, background, no fancy fonts in place of current number plate)


  2. During bore and stroke check, all plugs must be removed and motor must be turned over via the timing port. NO BUMPING OF CAR WILL BE ALLOWED. Refusal to adhere to our tech procedures will result in automatic disqualification and constitute as refusal of tech.
  3. All 600 cars will have either a fuel bladder or RCI fuel cell
  4. Hoosier and American Racer tires may be used.  Tires of any compound will be allowed.
  5. NO CHEMICAL PREP allowed or tolerated. Samples must conform to factory benchmark as performed and tested by Blue Ridge Race Labs. All non conforming samples will result in a 2 race suspension and loss of points and pay from that night.
  6. All cars must have a metal firewall between the Driver and the engine compartment.  Minimum of 24 gauge or .0625 thickness aluminum.
  7. Chain guards will be installed on all cars using a minimum of .090 aluminum material or equivalent.
  8. On and off switches must be on the dash.
  9. Roll cages shall be a least 1 1/8 inch, .065 wall thickness or 1 ¼ inch .065 wall thickness.
  10. Roll cages must have sufficient fore and aft bracing.
  11. All cages shall be made of chromoly steel or equivalent.
  12. All cars must be equipped with nerf bars which may not extend beyond the rear tire.
  13. Cars must have floor pans extending from the driver’s feet to the front of the seat.
  14. All wet cell batteries mounted in the cockpit area must be covered and vented outside the cockpit area.
  15. All cars will have top wings at least 10 square feet, and a maximum of 16 square feet.
  16. The following safety items are required: Name brand flame retardant uniform, five point racing style harness, racing system, shoes, arm restraints, flame retardant gloves, and neck brace or helmet restraint. Seat belt must be no older than 3 years old. 
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